Fire and Ash is a start-up company that offers personal chef services creating food that is delicious, thoughtful, and local. Delicious food can be simple or as complicated as you want, but in the end the only way you get that caliber of food is with great ingredients. That is why we use a combination of quality products and ingredients that best fit the our company’s standards to create the food you love.  We tend to purchase products that are GMO-Free so that what you are eating not only tastes great, but is good for you.  Fire and Ash is passionate about the food we eat and cook and want to be able to share that same passion by creating a culinary experience that is hassle free and unforgettable for everyone.

Locals We Love

As start-up, we understand the importance of supporting local business.  That is why we are proud to list the local farms and businesses that inspire us to make the food you love to eat.  

Country Gristmills, Rainbow Farms, Woolf  Farms, Randy’s Pickles, Cleveland Kraut, Montana Mustard Girl