How I Started Cooking

Chef/Owner of Fire and Ash Catering

My name is Ashley and I am Chef/ Owner of Fire and Ash. I grew up  in a family that celebrated food from all cultures.  Sometimes Christmas dinner was a traditional English Christmas event with Yorkshire pudding and Beef Wellington other times it was Peking Duck and Mandarin Pancakes.  At the ripe old age of 7 my father would ask me what temp I would like my steak cooked and he introduced me to all the ways you could prepare offal (i.e. liver, cow tongue, turkey gizzards).  I guess it was sort of inevitable that I would find myself on this culinary road now that I look back on everything. I enrolled in 2002 at Pennsylvania Culinary and was part of a group that was the first to graduate the new  Le Cordon Bleu Program.  In 2004 I moved back home to begin my culinary career in Cleveland and have been lucky enough to have gotten a chance to work with a lot of talented people;  chefs Roberto Rodriguez( Oralé), Adam Bostwick ( Cork and Cleaver) and Karen Small (The Flying Fig).  Cooking on the ever growing and ever changing Cleveland food scene was the inspiring catalyst in my determination to start a business of my own. 

Fire and Ash focuses on creating food that not only tastes great but is good for you.  We believe in supporting local businesses and farms and incorporate these kinds of quality ingredients into our food as much as possible.  We hope that by creating this kind of food we inspire you to eat the same way.