Shake, Shake, Shake…..


This method of peeling garlic is great.  The mess is minimal and a lot of cloves will be peeled at once so you can use them for your next recipe. 

What you need:

One bulb of Garlic

Large Mason with a Lid

15-20 Seconds of Brute Strength


Place whole bulb of garlic in a large mansion and screw the lid onto the jar.

Now shake the jar vigorously for 15-20 seconds.

Empty the garlic into a bowl.  The skins should be separated from most  of the garlic and what hasn’t fully separated is easily to peeled.  Use what you need and store the rest in an air tight container for another time.

Have Fun!

Leftover Coffee

If you’re like me, sometimes you get a little over zealous about your morning cup of Joe.  I have an idea of how much coffee I’m going to consume and sometimes what I drink will wind up being a lot less.  So, I found a solution to make use of that extra coffee that is left. 

Coffee Cubes!

All you need is an ice tray and your freezer. 

Take whatever coffee you have left over, making sure that it has cooled, and pour the liquid into an ice tray.  Freeze and you could use them in a couple of different ways. 

They’re great for iced coffee drinks if you don’t like your coffee being watered down by regular ice cubes.

Add a couple of coffee cubes, sugar, milk, and vanilla extract to a blender and blend to create an delicious frozen treat.

Finally, you can also add a little coffee flavor to a bbq sauce recipe for a new twist. 


Mint to Be

Mint is an herb with a flavor all to itself . It is strong, cool and refreshing which is nice since it’s starting to get warm in Ohio. Now a days there are all kinds of varieties that you can buy.  There’s your generic mint, which is great for making jam or using in a sauce that compliments grilled meats.  Then there are varieties that have aromatics of ginger or pineapple; they make a great addition to mojitos. Sometimes I like to dry it out to make tea which is a great pick me up if I’m feeling a little groggy.  Other times throwing a sprig of fresh mint in an ice cold glass of water on a hot summers day is just as refreshing.  However, it is “mint” to be used there are a couple of tricks that I‘ve learned that will help to extend the life of your herb. In this tip I am sharing my favorite way to store mint.  

mint in a jar

To store your herb cut the ends off of the mint as if you were preparing flowers for a vase.  Then grab a mason jar and fill it with water, about an inch.  Next, place your freshly trimmed mint in the mason jar, cover with a plastic sandwich bag and place in the refrigerator.  It lasted about 7 days in the fridge and if the water gets cloudy, which it will, just discard the old water and add new.  Storing mint this way is easy and makes it really accessible for any application.

mint in ice water

I hope you like this tip and are inspired to have many refreshing mojitos this season.