Support Local Lady Butchers!

Delicious, nitrate free, anti-biotic free and the ingredients are sourced right here in your own back yard.  That is what what Melissa Khoury and Penny Barend are all about and are dedicated to bring you the best of what Ohio has to offer in artisanal charcuterie.

Bacon Marmalade

These lady butchers are the talent and brains behind Saucisson, a butchers boutique that is soon to find a home right Cleveland’s Slavic District.  They sell everything from cured meats and tasso, to classic terrines and bacon marmalade (which I enjoy on rye toast with eggs).  Since the start their business in 2013, it  has quickly blossomed and now they are in process of building out their own brick and mortar on Fleet Ave. 


Photo by: BurkleHagen

  They are an inspiration to me and I was fortunate enough to meet these two ladies at the CCLK just as I was starting my personal chef business, Fire and Ash. Starting a business isn’t easy and when I met them I was already running into hiccups. They could have easily ignored me and made no connection.  And I would have understood because they were a start-up and were already very busy and successful. Instead they  chose to connect. They took the time to say “hi” and encouraged me keep following my ambitions.

Right now they are seeking funds to continue to build out their shop. You can help support their dream at KickstarterLocal support matters so please join me in supporting two very talented individuals.