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Fox 8: New Day Cleveland

June 7, 2016

Sides for the BBQ Season

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Try this Kale and Fuji Apple Salad!


Fox 8: New Day Cleveland

February 10, 2016

Celebrate Valentine’s Day morning!


September 13, 2015

Fox 8 NEWS in the Morning: Garlic Festival



Satisfied Customers

Happy Hour Birthday Surprise

I had the pleasure of catering a “Happy Hour” Birthday party.  We kept the food colorful, healthy and fun having a variety of different appetizers.

Thank you for the encouraging letter I had a great time catering this event.

Beet and Goat Cheese Salad with a Cider Vinaigrette

Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes on Navy Bean Zucchini Rafts

Gluten- Sensitive Flatbread of Olives, Roasted Garlic Spinach, and Mushrooms



“Fire and Ash catered my husband’s surprise 50th birthday party in October

2015.  Here is what I loved most about working with Ashley:

1) She served our friends and family healthy and delicious food, making sure

there was something for everyone (e.g., the vegans, the meat lovers, gluten

free, plenty of veggies)

2) Given those guidelines, she brainstormed wonderful ideas and was willing

to take some input as well

3) She was a totally reliable partner, coming to check out the kitchen and

serving space ahead of time, and getting the food ready within the hour and

a half my husband was gone.

4) Her presentation was inspired – multiple levels, colors, and textures.

She gave us the ideas for our pie table as well.

5) She worked seamlessly throughout the party, making sure there was always

plenty for everyone.  Many people took food home as well.

6) She cleaned up completely.

7) What she charges for this art is completely reasonable.

I love to cook and so am not in the habit of catering.  Maintaining the

surprise made it necessary this time.  With Fire and Ash in town, I may

never cook for a party again!  It was really a pleasure to relax and enjoy

the party, including food I was proud to serve.

 Thank you, Jackie Acho



An Elegant Birthday

I had the opportunity to cater a small dinner party September 26th.  It was a special event. Why? Well, not only was my client celebrating a birthday, but it was also a reunion of sorts with friends she hadn’t seen in quite a few years.  Preparation for this special night involved a meeting with my client to go over menu ideas.  We talked about flavors and foods that she loved and any dietary restrictions that she or her friends might have. I made sure that I could accommodate the menu to avoid any adverse reactions to food.  At the end I was able to cook an elegant gluten sensitive menu for her and her friends to celebrate this event.


Email from the Client:

Hello Ashley;

When I had my two dearest, lifetime friends here in Cleveland for a visit, I was excited about the dinner I had lined up with you, but I did not realize it was going to be one of the main highlights of their visit.

You carried this dinner off flawlessly! From the amuse bouche through to our final desert, everything you served us was perfection. The way you served the squash soup was so creative- mounding the seared gourmet mushrooms in the center of each French soup bowl, then pouring the soup around the mushrooms, like you were creating a sumptuous moat, using my Rosenthal teapot, was truly a class act.

You moved efficiently around my kitchen as if it were your own, familiar with everything you needed to make this occasion memorable.

In summary, I would hire you again in an instant, and for those looking for a treat, your culinary skills and expertise deserve every future success….