Why I Blog


Hi! My name is Ashley and I am the “Ash” behind Fire and Ash.   

“What is Fire and Ash?” you say. Well, in a nutshell, Fire and Ash is a start-up company that offers personal chef services creating food that is delicious, thoughtful, and local.  Click here to learn more about my business and here to learn more about me. 

The food blog is an extension of the company’s cooking philosophy and a great opportunity to share our passion for food with all of you.  Here you’ll find  a variety of recipes that range from simple to a little more advanced. We provide you with tips and tricks that will help you save time in the kitchen and you’ll also get to learn about the local businesses and farms that make it possible to cook and enjoy great food.

So, if you’re like us, and love cooking and sharing delicious food then this is definitely the blog for you.  Every time I post a blog I make sure to tell my friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  If social isn’t your media thing we’re putting together a news letter to keep you updated.

Working Together

Like I said, I love working with other businesses and I hope you are interested in working with me. I like to work with businesses that are a good fit for my blog and am also available to create sponsored posts  for your brand. I also do recipe development, click here to see my pictures and recipes for Cleveland Kraut.

To Collaborate You’ll Need This!